Seema Mattu is a fluid Valmiki artist whose practice is framed as a theme park, known as SEEMAWORLD.


Through mimicry of the rides, facilities and/or services we can expect from a typical theme park, Seema uses mixed-media world-building to create vessels or portals to transport and give viewers access to the realms she constructs. 

Much of Seema’s Moving Image work has been an act of penetration between the physical body and digital lens, where there is always an underlying current of satirical seriousness lurking. 


Stemming from this, Seema is also highly invested in exploring: Vidding, Fan Labour and Meta-Marketing - which she describes as "humouring the idea of self-marketing as currency, by self-marketing."


Through depictions of simple rituals of the human experience, Seema explores themes of consent, representation and fluidity with a hope to dismantle the complications that surround them - in conjunction with her usual championing of LGBT+, non-specific and othered people through performative mixed-media.


aka: Sim

based in: Birmingham/London, UK

d.o.b: 30~10~1993



pronouns: she/her

**but flu~id and ~Pending**


2016     BA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins University of the Arts London

2013     Foundation Diploma in Art & Design, Camberwell College of Art, University of the Arts London


2020     Dykeumentary TV (Episode 18: Avatars, Alteregos, Power and Superpowers, PhillyCam [online, USA]

2019     CineDiaspora presents: Celluloids of Desire [New York, USA]

2019     The Range, Eastside Projects [Birmingham, UK]

2018     lgbt+F: planet 2028, TOMBOY, LUX [London, UK]

2018     Perverse Pleasures [Rhode Island, USA]

2018     OUTing The Past: Conference [Liverpool, UK]

2018     Desi Lesbians: Where Are You?, Gaysians, London, UK

2018     Pla(t)form 18, Fotomuseum [Winterthur, Zurich]

2017     Collect:if Presents: Gaysian Superheroes, SQIFF [Glasgow, Scotland]

2017     Brixton Reel: Too Desi Too Queer, School of Oriental and African Studies [London, UK]

2017     Soon: South Asian Evocations and Becomings, Chinatown Soup [New York, USA]

2017     Zayn Malik Zindabad 3.0, The White Pube, LCB Depot [Leicester, UK]

2017     Zayn Malik Zindabad 2.0, The White Pube, Institute of Contemporary Arts [London, UK]

2016     Zayn Malik Zindabad, The White Pube, Lewisham Arthouse [London, UK]

2016     *Restrictions Apply, Westpoint Studios [London, UK]

2016     Practice as Self Care : Live Talk & Reading, Cera Project [London, UK]

2016     Concrete Burns, Central Saint Martins University of the Arts London [London, UK]

2016     Hand Maid, Sweet Arts, Hoxton Arches [London, UK]